After Spate of Killings, Syracuse, N.Y., Is on Record Homicide Pace


Syracuse, N.Y., has had 15 homicides so far in 2013, surpassing the total of 13 for all of last year, reports the city’s Post-Standard. If the violence continues at that pace, the upstate New York city of 145,000 would have 27 homicides in 2013, making it the deadliest year in history.

The homicides this year include a man killed by teenagers playing “Knockout,” where an innocent victim is punched without provocation or warning; a co-worker who escorted a woman home and was killed by her husband, and two shootings in five days on the same street. Violent crime overall has declined this year, said Police Chief Frank Fowler said, and gang-related violent crime has fallen by almost 50 percent from last year. But the number of homicides is “intolerable,” he said.

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