PolitiFact Concludes Black-on-Black Murder Meme Is Mostly False


PolitiFact Florida attempted to fact-check a statistic that was widely circulated by conservatives after George Zimmerman was acquitted on July 13 in the Florida shooting death of Trayvon Martin: “In the 513 days between Trayvon dying and today's verdict, 11,106 African Americans have been murdered by other African Americans.” PolitiFact, a partnership of the Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Times, traced the claim to the conservative soopermexican blog.

It was based on a mathematical extrapolation from federal statistics: that 93 percent of the 9,000 African Americans homicide victims each year are killed by other blacks. PolitiFact concluded, “This claim lacks important context. Yes, it's true that the majority of black murder victims are murdered by blacks, but the same holds true for whites: Most whites are murdered by whites. And in both cases, this race statistic is not available for all murders, but only ones where the race of both perpetrator and victim can be determined. The claim contains an element of truth, but it's not fully accurate. We rate this claim Mostly False.”

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/07/24/3517667_p2/politifact-florida-intrara

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