Heroin Overdose Deaths Soar In Baltimore, Reversing Recent Trends


Heroin overdose deaths soared last year in Baltimore, a city that has struggled with one of the highest rates of heroin addiction in the U.S. and with the violence that comes with illegal drug dealing, the Baltimore Sun reports. In 2012, 126 people died in the city from heroin overdoses, a jump of 66 percent from the previous year, when 76 died, reversing recent declines, said a state report. The new data could confirm the recent warnings from state health officials that a crackdown on illicit prescription opiates was pushing more addicts toward the street drug. Statewide, fatal heroin overdoses rose 54 percent to 378 in 2012 from 241 in 2011. Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, secretary of the health department, which warned last fall of a rise in heroin overdoses, called the deadly surge a “serious public health concern.”

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