National Football League Crime Rate Lower Than U.S. Average


Last week Aaron Hernandez, 23, of the New England Patriots was charged with murder. National Football League players have been charged with any number of crimes over the years, from rape to dog-fighting, says the BBC. Twenty-nine players have been arrested since February. Despite high-profile cases such as those involving former NFL star O.J. Simpson, does the league have a crime problem? Brent Schrotenboer, a sports writer for USA Today, has compiled a list of NFL Arrests Database. It lists 664 arrests from 2000. He says, “The NFL arrest rate for active players is around one in 47 but in the general population the arrest rate is actually double that, it’s about one in 25. It’s a surprise. It seems like you hear about an NFL arrest every week but it turns out they’re still better behaved than regular society.” When the general population numbers are broken down even further the NFL players look even more like model citizens. Bureau of Justice Statistics data show that the arrest rate for men is one in 15.

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