Did TX Police Overreact by Jailing Teen for Post on Shooting Kindergarten?


Justin Carter, 19, has been jailed for nearly 100 days in Texas for Facebook posts about shooting kindergartners, reports the Houston Chronicle. “What I said was terrible, mean and downright stupid,” Carter told a judge. He is charged with making a terroristic threat. “The misunderstanding was that I wasn’t trying to scare anyone, I was trying to be witty and sarcastic. I failed and I was arrested.”

Defense attorney Donald Flanary says New Braunfels, Tx., police overreacted by filing a criminal complaint March 20. Carter was indicted for threatening “to shoot up a kindergarten, watch the blood rain down and eat the beating heart out of one of them.” His original court-appointed lawyer, Ivan Friedman, called the state’s case “very weak.” “They can’t prove intent,” said Friedman, who has filed motions seeking a bond reduction and the suppression of Carter’s statements to investigators.

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