Tulsa Jail Called a “Mess,” Police Say It Can Take Hours to Book Prisoners


Tulsa, Ok., police frustrated by hours spent waiting to book prisoners called operations at the Tulsa Jail a “mess,” joked that the facility was “your tax dollars at work” and in one case, freed a prisoner with a misdemeanor warrant instead of taking him to jail, the Tulsa World reports. An FBI agent working with a violent-crime task force told Tulsa police that the booking wait was harming the task force operation. The agent said he had waited at the jail 2 1/2 hours with a prisoner arrested during sweep on May 31 in which 110 people were arrested.

Police Chief Chuck Jordan said waiting times to book prisoners into the jail affected the sweep. “It slowed us down. You’ve got to remember, we’ve got a target list; some of them are warranted, so we’re going to go after those people, get one and come back and get another one. So there’s times when I think we could have put people in jail quicker if we hadn’t had the delays at the jail.” City and county officials have been meeting to discuss crowding at the jail since April, when Sheriff Stanley Glanz said the county would not accept prisoners arrested only on municipal charges. The jail, designed to hold 1,714 inmates, reached 1,975 in April.

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