Teens Using Social Media to Plan Brazen Attacks, Columbus Chief Says


While girls and boys gulped cold lemonade and navigated bicycles through the crowd gathered at a Columbus park, a teenage gunman waited to carry out a brazen attack as officers stood nearby, says the Columbus Dispatch. Moments before the shot rang out, about 30 teens who had gathered on a hill in the park suddenly began waving their arms and running in different directions. Police say gang attacks like this one organized through social media are on the rise.

“As quickly as the hashtags appear (on Twitter), they disappear overnight,” Police Chief Kim Jacobs said. “This definitely seems to be a trend, and the brazenness of it seems to be from people that don't necessarily fear for their life anymore or care.” The violence mirrors an increase in teen parties held in vacant storefronts and strip malls. The parties usually consist of hundreds of teens crammed into a vacant commercial property, a DJ and little or no adult supervision. Police said they breed violence.

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