NJ Legislators Send Gun Background Check Overhaul to Gov. Christie


A gun control bill that overhauls New Jersey's background check system and imposes new requirements on firearm sales — a centerpiece of the Democrats' legislative agenda — now joins more than a dozen other gun bills awaiting a decision by Governor Chris Christie, the Bergen Record reports. Christie has 45 days to decide whether the measure should become law, but no matter what he chooses, he will disappoint a large group of people.

Polls show that state voters have consistently supported tighter gun laws — even though New Jersey already has some of the strictest in the country. Among other changes, bills pending Christie’s decision wold prevent people on the federal terror watch list from buying a gun; ban purchases of .50-caliber firearms and eliminate the public's right to access firearm ownership records. The background-check legislation would replace the current paper cards and permits needed to buy weapons with digitized cards and would mandate training classes for prospective gun buyers and require people who want to buy ammunition to have a firearms ID card or permit.

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