Amid Shooting Sprees, Baltimore Police Chief Removes Public Info Officer


Amid one of the worst spates of shooting sprees in recent memory — 28 shot in Baltimore since Friday — Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts announced he has removed the messenger, reports the Daily Record in Maryland. Police Spokesman Anthony Guglielmi was abruptly transferred to a new job in the department's Community Partnership Office, effective immediately, so the department can refocus its “message,” Batts said.

“We should have shared with you more information,” Batts said Wednesday of the chaotic and violent previous six days. “We have to do a better job. We were doing a number of things this weekend and we did not share them and that's a problem for us. We did have issues take place this weekend and we should have been in front of you telling exactly what was going on. Our messaging this week was terrible.” Guglielmi said on Sunday, in response to a spate of 10 shootings overnight, eight of them fatal: “This is a little bit of a spike in terms of the weekend, but, all in all, we're pretty satisfied with the way the city is headed, violence-wise.”

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