Chicago Police Board Criticized for “Inconsistent” Discipline Rulings


Chicago police officer Daniel Sullivan pleaded guilty to breaking a black man's leg outside a bar in a racially charged attack and got an 18-month suspension. Officer David Gonzalez was fired after being found not guilty of attacking two police officers responding to a suburban bar fight. The Chicago Police Board, a group of nine mayoral appointees, made both decisions, says the Chicago Sun-Times.

“Do I think I was treated fairly? Definitely not,” says Gonzalez, now a maintenance man. “There were other police officers that had done more, that were accused of harsher things, that were just given time off and sent back to work. There should be some kind of standards, some kind of rhyme or reason. It just doesn't seem like there is.” Former Police Superintendent Jody Weis agrees: “It sure made me scratch my head at how they reached their decisions. It was just very inconsistent.”

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