Flurry of Challenges Tests Minneapolis’ First Female Gay Indian Chief


In her first six months on the job, Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau has used posters, business cards, and even blue cowbells to focus officers' attention on her message of reform, a blend of corporate-world mottos and appeals for self-improvement that she calls “MPD 2.0,” says the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

It's a work in progress that she believes will take the department in a new direction while winning ­public trust and lowering crime. Harteau, 48, has had to fire two officers accused of high-profile crimes and she also faced a public grilling after two civilians were killed and two police officers shot in a police shooting and traffic collision. The flurry of internal problems has put Harteau to an early test in her groundbreaking tenure as the city’s first female chief, first gay chief and its first with American Indian ancestry.

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