VP Biden is Giving Another Gun Speech Today, But Why?


Why is Vice President Biden giving a speech on guns today, even though the issue is stalled in Congress? The Washington Post offers four reasons. The first is that he genuinely cares about the issue: “I personally haven't given up, nor has the president,” he said last week. The second is that the White House needs to show it is doing something. Biden will provide a status update on gun control measures President Obama it taking by executive action.

Another reason is that the Democratic Party base is watching. Regardless of whether tighter gun laws are passed by Congress during Obama's presidency, if Biden is seen as the guy who never gave up on a topic that moves the Democratic base, it would only help his own changes in a presidential race. Finally, if gun control is taken up again in this Congress, it would boost Biden’s reputation as a Capitol Hill gridlock-breaker with an ability to resurrect legislative debates that looked like they weren't going anywhere.

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