Non-Lethal Shootings Have Lower Solution Rate Than Homicides in Vegas


Since 2010, the worst types of violent crimes, including homicides and assaults with weapons, have been on the decline in the Las Vegas Valley, says the Las Vegas Sun. Las Vegas police have been particularly adept at investigating murders, with more than 75 percent of cases leading to an arrest. In nonlethal shootings, when the victim survives, the criminal is more than 90 percent likely to get away with the crime. Last year, there were 313 nonlethal assaults with firearms. Just 20 of the cases led to an arrest. Police spokesman Bill Cassell said homicides can be easier to solve. The victim in a nonlethal shooting may be uncooperative, fearing retaliation for talking to police or wishing to settle matters himself. Eugene O'Donnell, a former New York City police officer now at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, asked, “What’s a police department for if not to solve gun violence?”

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