Zimmerman Jury To Be Sequestered In Trial Lasting Up to 4 Weeks


The jury in the George Zimmerman murder trial will be sequestered for the two to four weeks needed to try the case, a Florida judge decided as five more potential jurors were questioned and dismissed from duty, the Miami Herald reports. The decision to sequester the jury should help lawyers whittle down a pool of jurors who can decide if Zimmerman is guilty of murdering 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in a gated community last year.

In a fourth day of jury selection, lawyers interviewed a total of 10 more possible jurors, including a woman who suggested Trayvon was a pot-smoking troublemaker training to be a “street fighter,” and another man who believed God always forbids killing. The six jurors and four alternates will be sheltered in a hotel for the duration of the trial, under watch by court security, with limited access to relatives and media. Potential jurors have talked to lawyers about their perceptions of Martin, race, media influence and, in some cases, their faith.

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