CO Parole Director Fired; Charges Gang Plot to Kill Corrections Chief


The parolee blamed for killing Colorado corrections chief Tom Clements was working from a hit list that also named parole director Tim Hand and two other corrections employees, said Hand, who was fired yesterday, the Denver Post reports. “There were a lot of other people who had their fingerprints all over this,” said Hand. “This is big-time. This is a bunch of 211 Crew members who were doing this. It wasn’t Ebel working alone.”

Hand, who sits on a national interstate compact rules committee that helps set policy for the transfer of inmates between states, was interviewed as he returned from the group’s national conference in Indiana. He said he is not bitter about his firing but added that he is frustrated about how a career of nearly 24 years rising up through the ranks of parole was rewarded. “(Werholtz) probably has some orders to use a machete to cut people’s heads off,” Hand said. “They are paying him a lot of money for a few months of work to do their dirty work.”

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