Sheriff Arpaio Stops Undocumented Immigrant Patrols Pending Court Action


A federal court ruling that the Maricopa County, Az., Sheriff's Office engaged in racial-profiling has managed to do what Sheriff Joe Arpaio's critics have sought to do for years, says the Arizona Republic. The agency no longer patrols the county looking for undocumented immigrants, and Arpaio's work-site enforcement raids have come to an end — at least for now. A hearing scheduled in U.S. District Court today will help determine how Arpaio trains his deputies and enforces laws in the future. For the past three weeks, deputies who encountered undocumented immigrants have rescued the border crossers as part of a humanitarian effort instead of arresting them on illegal-immigration charges. “I'm in a Catch-22 here,” Arpaio said. “I would have to lean toward saving the lives of the people here illegally in the desert. I can't call ICE anymore.”

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