L.A. County Court Faces 500 ‘Sweeping’ Job Cuts This Week


The Los Angeles County Superior Court plans to eliminate 511 jobs by the end of the week in a sweeping cost-cutting plan to close a projected $85-million budget shortfall for the next fiscal year, reports the Los Angeles Times. While some positions will simply go unfilled, 177 people will lose their jobs. An additional 139 people will receive demotions and pay cuts, and 223 people will be transferred to new work locations.

Including this round of cuts, the court has lost nearly 900 employees since 2008. The courts are funded by the state, which has slashed funding in recent years, leading to court closures, higher court fees and longer waits for cases to be heard. The governor agreed this week, as part of a deal with legislators, to restore $63 million to the courts in the budget that will take effect July 1. But the additional funds — of which L.A. County should receive about a third — will not stop the cuts in L.A. County Superior Court.

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