CA Shooter Had Been in Psych Ward; How Did He Get Guns, Ammo?


A California high school teacher once saw John Zawahri, who gunned down five people last Friday before being killed by police, surf the Internet for assault weapons, the Los Angeles Times reports. The teacher sent Zawahri to the principal’s office. Within days, the police were involved and Zawahri was admitted to UCLA’s psychiatric ward. Authorities are tracing two firearms used by Zawahri. One weapon was a .44-caliber handgun that a federal law enforcement official described as a “curio- or relic-type” weapon that might have been in the shooter’s family for years. The second was an AR-15 type semiautomatic rifle. Investigators are looking into whether Zawahri’s possession of the gun was prohibited under California’s long-standing assault weapons ban. Authorities want to know how Zawahri, an unemployed 23-year-old with what associates said was a history of mental problems, obtained vast quantities of ammunition.

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