Viguerie: Conservatives Have More Credibility Than Liberals on Prison Reform


Conservative activist Richard Viguerie is the latest to endorse the Right on Crime campaign, backing community-based rehabilitation programs “rather than excessive mandatory minimum sentencing policies and prison expansion. Writing in the New York Times, Viguerie, chairman of, contends that, “Conservatives should recognize that the entire criminal justice system is another government spending program fraught with the issues that plague all government programs. Criminal justice should be subject to the same level of skepticism and scrutiny that we apply to any other government program.” Viguerie says prisons “are harmful to prisoners and their families.” He adds that, “The current system often turns out prisoners who are more harmful to society than when they went in, so prison and re-entry reform are issues of public safety as well.” He maintains that philosophy, conservatives have more credibility than liberals in addressing prison reform.

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