After Law Enforcement Opposition, TSA Decides to Maintain Airline Knife Ban


After opposition from law enforcement and flight attendants, the Transportation Security Administration will continue to ban small knives, golf clubs, and other items that had been poised to be allowed in air passengers’ carry-on luggage, NPR reports. “I respect Administrator (John) Pistole’s willingness to embrace federal law enforcement stakeholder input,” says Jon Adler, president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, “and ultimately reverse his decision on the knife carry?on policy.” The International Flight Attendants Association had created a website,, to organize opposition to the proposal. The change was meant to allow pocket knives — 2,000 of which the TSA confiscates every day — to be carried onto flights. In March, Pistole told Congress that “security experts worldwide have concluded that small pocket knives and certain sporting equipment do not pose a security risk that would result in the catastrophic failure of an aircraft and the loss of all life on board.”

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