Expert: Feds “Clumsy, Way Behind the Curve” on White-Collar Tech Crime


Law enforcement is “outmanned and outgunned” by criminals using the latest technology to commit white-collar crimes, says attorney Maranda Fritz, a former New York City prosecutor, reports Corporate Counsel. “Individuals can use technology to access and target victims in the U.S., but the government is literally walking away from these cases because [prosecutors] can't figure out how to gather evidence, analyze it, and reach the [perpetrator],” said Fritz, now in the white-collar crimes practice of Hinshaw & Culbertson. Crooks are getting smarter, she said. The prosecutor's evidence of choice used to be email or phone wiretaps. “But I no longer see clients using email,” Fritz said. “Now they use text messaging or Skyping. The government doesn't have the ability to capture most texting or Skyping.” She added: “The government—including the Securities and Exchange Commission—seems clumsy and way behind the curve. They simply don't have the resources to bring in tech-savvy individuals to keep up with what's going on.”

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