Ricin-Laced Letters Sent to Bloomberg Protesting His Gun-Control Advocacy


Two letters laced with the deadly poison ricin were sent to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and to the gun-control advocacy group he founded, the New York Times reports. A man near Texarkana, Tx., was being questioned in connection with those letters and a similar letter intercepted in Washington, D.C., that had been addressed to President Obama, who has also called for more gun restrictions since the Newtown school killings.

The man came to the attention of investigators after his wife called the authorities. The letters sent to Bloomberg and the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns refer to a “God-given right” to bear arms. “You will have to kill me and my family before you get my guns,” the letters said. “What's in this letter is nothing compared to what I've got planned for you.” Bloomberg never touched the letter, but its message shows how quickly he has become a lightning rod in the debate over guns. It was not clear whether the letter sent to the president contained ricin. New York City police commissioner Raymond Kelly, said he believed that all three letters, with a Louisiana postmark, were identical and sent by the same person.

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