Jodi Arias and Sheriff Joe Arpaio Both Willing to Allow Media Interviews During Trial


One reason Arizona’s Jodi Arias trial is a media circus is that media-savvy Sheriff Joe Arpaio is ready and willing to set up jailhouse interviews with his most famous inmate, says the Associated Press. The spectacle surrounding the case reached new levels after Arias was convicted of murder two weeks ago when she told the local Fox affiliate in a stunning interview that she wanted the death penalty. Arpaio, whose office runs the county jail system, gave reporters a tour of Arias' cell. On Tuesday night, he allowed Arias to do jailhouse interviews just hours after the jury began deliberating whether she should get the death penalty. The sheriff and defendant's self-promotion added to a trial that many, including Arias' own attorneys, argue is a runaway train. Fans flock to the courthouse, seeking autographs from the prosecutor and bartering for seats in the gallery. It's rare for murder defendants to give interviews to reporters during a trial, or for jail officials to allow them. This trial is different because it has willing participants: Arpaio and Arias. “The media wanted to talk to her,” Arpaio told AP. “She wanted to talk to them.” The jury resumes deliberations today on Arias’ sentence.

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