Colorado Lawyer Advocates “YouTube Law” To Advance His Cases


A Boulder, Co., attorney is wading into a touchy new area of legal ethics as he champions YouTube for attorneys who want to take their cases beyond the courtroom and into the court of public opinion, says the Denver Post. John Pineau has twice put video clips of pre-trial questioning on YouTube to the advantage of his clients and to the detriment of opponents: once because of a sense of moral outrage, another time in a case that resulted in a secret settlement. Pineau is teaching other attorneys how to add this potent component to their legal arsenal and to do it in a way that doesn’t bend the rules of law. “This is an incredible new hammer of justice,” said Pineau. “It’s really not understating it to say this will change justice around the world.” Deborah Cantrell, who teaches legal ethics at the University of Colorado, predicts widely differing opinions among attorneys on the ethics of what might be called YouTube law. Pineau became a firm believer in YouTube law after he won a civil judgment for a Hungarian-born woman against her ex-husband – who was convicted of beating her – and that man’s father last year.

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