40% Of FBI Applicants Aren’t Hired Over Polygraph Tests Some Find Dubious


Thousands of job applicants come to FBI offices every year, but many have their hopes dashed, and it's not because of their work experience or education or criminal records. They're turned down because they've failed their polygraph tests, McClatchy Newspapers report. The FBI polygraphs about 13,000 people a year for job screening, criminal investigations, and national security inquiries. The bureau has at least a 30 percent failure rate in its job screening. As many as 40 percent of special agent applicants don't get the job because of their polygraph test results. The FBI's policy of barring candidates who fail polygraph tests clashes with the view of many scientists that government agencies shouldn't be relying on polygraph testing to decide whether to hire or fire someone. Experts say polygraph testing isn't a reliable indicator of whether someone is lying – especially in employment screening. “I was called a lazy, lying, drug dealing junkie by a man who doesn't know me , my stellar background or my societal contributions,” wrote a black applicant in Baltimore, who said he was told he qualified for a job except for his polygraph test failure. “Just because I am young and black does not automatically denote that I have ever used any illegal drugs.”

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