NFL Star Starts Anti-Domestic Violence Group After Lover Kills Sister

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Raised with two sisters by a single mom, Chris Johnson of the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens heard all about the violence that often surrounds women while he was growing up. He never thought much about it until his sister was struck down by multiple gunshot wounds to her chest and head by a man who said he loved her, says the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram.

As a result, Johnson started Showtime 37, a nonprofit organization that helps connect victims of domestic violence with resources that can help them break free from their abusers. “I just wanted to be one of the voices that showed a way out,” Johnson said. “You see too many cases of men killing women just like what happened to my sister. A real man doesn't like to see another man put his hands on a woman.” Eugene Esters, 48, the man convicted last week of murdering Johnson's sister, will serve a life prison sentence. Chris Johnson's wife, Mioshi, also joined the cause to break the cycle of violence after her sister-in-law's death.

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