NRA Plans Lawsuit to Block New Maryland Gun-Control Law


The National Rifle Association will sue to block a Maryland gun-control law being signed today by Gov. Martin O'Malley, said by the Washington Post to be on the nation’s strictest, the Washington Post reports. It bans the sale of nearly all semi-automatic rifles, plus magazines that hold more than 10 bullets, and requires new gun buyers to submit digital fingerprints to state police.

Supporters will go on the offensive with a television ad campaign designed to build public support for the new law. Ahead of a 2014 election in which every member of Maryland's General Assembly will be up for reelection, the ad is designed to blunt criticism from would-be contenders hoping to use the legislation as a campaign issue. It's also a way, proponents said, to demonstrate to lawmakers in less-blue states as well as in Congress that a vote for gun control can be a winning one.

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