Crime Fear Factor: Why Don’t Americans Believe They Are Safer Today?


Philadelphia Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky explores the crime “fear factor” in America. He writes, “America is nearly as safe as your mother’s arms. Violent crime has dropped by 50 percent since 1993, and gun homicide is down the same – 3.2 gun deaths per 100,000 Americans in 2011, contrasted with 6.6 in 1993, according to FBI statistics. There were actually more gun suicides (18,735) than homicides (11,493) in 2009, the last year reported.

“We are living in the safest times since the 1960s – and the plummeting gun-murder rate happened without new federal gun-control laws. This is not to argue against them: As a gun owner, I strongly supported the criminal-background check. These are facts, whether you find them convenient or not. A recent Pew Research poll found that only 12 percent of Americans think gun violence has decreased. If America is safer, why don’t we feel safer?”

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