BBC Says It Erred in Reporting Racial Bias in Coverage of Cleveland Women


The BBC has corrected an error in a story last week that claimed the Cleveland Plain Dealer had given more attention over the years to the white victim among the three kidnapped females who were held captive at a house in the Ohio city. The BBC cited “Missing White Woman Syndrome” in its claim that the paper had written more stories about victim Amanda Berry, who is white, than Gina DeJesus, a Latina, reports

In fact, a Plain Dealer editor, Chris Quinn, said his paper had published 24 stories that mentioned DeJesus and 17 that mentioned only Berry. A BBC spokesman replied, “This story has been amended to remove the suggestion that the Cleveland Plain Dealer published considerably more stories about Amanda Berry while she was missing than it did about Gina DeJesus. The numbers cited were based on erroneously compiled data and we regret that error.”

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