Why “Everybody Knows It’s Easier to Buy Guns at a Gun Show”


People with criminal records target gun shows because private sellers are allowed to sell their firearms without requiring background checks, says The Oklahoman. “I think everybody knows it’s easier to buy guns at a gun show,” Oklahoma City police Sgt. Dexter Nelson said. “There are lots of loopholes and they make people a lot of money.” “We get people at every gun show asking us if we do background checks,” said Jason Davis of C&J Sporting Goods in Bethany. “We lose a lot of sales because people don’t want that.”

Last year, a gang member with prior felony convictions paid cash for two semi-automatic pistols and ammunition from an Oklahoma City gun show without having to submit to a background check. Jordan Abe Chavira was arrested near the gun show and later pleaded guilty in federal court to unlawful possession of firearms. In January, a judge sentenced Chavira to federal prison for 46 months. Chavira was overheard saying to the gun dealer, “No paperwork, right?” The dealer said paperwork was required because he was a federal firearms licensee. Chavira said, “Never mind,” and walked away.

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