Arias Favors Death Penalty; Media Keys on “Attractive, Young, White Women”


Jodi Arias was on suicide watch in her Phoenix cell after telling a local TV station she would prefer death to life in prison after her conviction of first-degree murder in the death of her former boyfriend, reports the Arizona Republic. Arias, 32, got international attention for the sordid details of her rocky love affair and savage murder of Travis Alexander. She was on trial for 4 months. Arias said she would prefer the death penalty, which family members of the victim also have asked for. “The worst outcome for me would be natural life (in prison),” she said. “I would much rather die sooner than later.”

Asked last weekend by CNN’s Howard Kurtz why some in the news media are spending so much effort covering the Arias case, NBC legal analyst Lisa Bloom said, media reports on trials tend to focus on “attractive, young, white women” and added, “I would certainly like to see our trial coverage expanded to include people of other races. You almost never see the kind of breathless coverage that we see of Amanda Knox or Jodi Arias when it comes to an African-American woman or man. Why is that the case? I mean, I’d like news directors to answer that question.”

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