Seattle Police Monitor: Rank-and-File Should See How Reform Plan Will Help Them


Seattle Police Chief Jim Pugel needs to address concerns about federally mandated reforms and make clear that the settlement agreement to enforce them is “not going to go away,” says Merrick Bobb, the independent monitor tracking the changes. The Seattle Times says Bobb told the City Council that the absence of an explanation from the top about the federal involvement has spawned “urban myths” and “scary stories” within the department regarding the scope of the agreement. Asked what could be done if the rank-and-file never fully accepted the reforms, Bobb said he believed that officers could be shown how the agreement will benefit them. Bobb said the measures will enhance the safety of officers, help exonerate them in most cases through the use of tools such as video, and improve the level of supervision they get by adding more sergeants who can teach them standards and provide advice on handling difficult situations.

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