MD Ousts Security Chief at Baltimore Detention Center After U.S. Indictment


Maryland officials removed the security chief at the Baltimore City Detention Center after a federal indictment alleged an extensive smuggling scheme involving gang members and officers at the facility, the Baltimore Sun reports. Shavella Miles supervised corrections officers at the jail and was its third-most-senior official. The removal is the highest-profile personnel change since the federal indictment, which alleged that inmate members of the Black Guerrilla Family gang worked with 13 female corrections officers to smuggle contraband, including drugs and cellphones, into the facility. Alleged gang leader Tavon White was accused of impregnating four of the officers and lavishing expensive gifts on them using proceeds from the scheme. State Delegate Luiz Simmons, who is also a defense attorney, welcomed the news that the jail’s security chief had been ousted, but said it was not enough. “Firing the security chief, which might be necessary, is a substitute for bringing in a fresh pair of eyes,” he said. “What concerns me is if they’re willing to get rid of the security chief, why aren’t we willing to get rid of the person who is boss?”

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