Case of GA Woman Who Shot Intruder Hailed As Self-Defense Example


The Washington Post explores the case of Loganville, Georgia’s Melinda Herman, who shot an intruder in self-defense in January. The National Rifle Association tweeted about GA MOM. The 911 tape of Donnie Herman yelling to his terrified wife, “Shoot him! Shoot him again!” played over and over on the news, fueling hours of programming on Fox News and radio call-in shows.

In Walton County, 30 miles east of Atlanta, there was no debate. People went out and bought guns. More conceal-and-carry weapons, and more “home guns for the ladies,” says John Deaton, owner of Deaton's Gun Shop in Loganville. The man who broke into the Herman house is in prison and Walton County remains in a state of vigilance. The crime continues to occupy the imagination. Four months later, and still the first question asked when the Walton County sheriff speaks to the Rotary Club or Center Hill Baptist is about the Jan. 4 home invasion. Herman fired six shots, missing only once. Paul Ali Slater, 32, an unemployed father of six, was shot five times in the face and torso. He barely survived his injuries. Last month, Slater was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

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