Movie, TV Producers Threaten to Leave NY Over New Gun Laws


The movie and television industry says new New York State gun laws could prevent the use of lifelike assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in shows like “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and films like “The Dark Knight Rises,” says the New York Times. Twenty-seven film and television projects, including programs like “Blue Bloods” and “Person of Interest,” are in production in New York State using assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Industry workers say they need real weapons for verisimilitude, that it would be impractical to make fake weapons that could fire blanks, and that the entertainment industry should not be penalized accidentally by a law intended as a response to mass shootings. “Weapons are part of our history as a culture as humans,” said Ryder Washburn of the Specialists Ltd., a supplier of firearms for productions. “To tell stories, you need them.” “Without clarification that the use of prop guns is still permitted on sets, many of the dozens of productions currently shooting in New York could be forced to go elsewhere,” said an official of the Motion Picture Association of America. Gun rights activists, who are challenging the laws in court, have mocked the idea of a so-called Hollywood exception.

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