Gun Debate Focuses on Moderate U.S. Senators, Featuring NH’s Ayotte


The contentious political fight over gun control moved into the White Mountains of New Hampshire yesterday as gun-control activists began to focus on Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) as a prime target in their effort to revive their push for stricter gun laws, the Washington Post reports. Ayotte was a key, high-profile vote against the bipartisan plan to expand the national gun background-check program, which failed in the Senate despite overwhelming public support and extensive efforts by the White House. The vote was widely seen as a triumph for the National Rifle Association. Home for town hall meetings, Ayotte is facing new constituent anger and a coordinated effort by gun-control groups to turn her vote into a political liability. These organizations include Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the group founded by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and the liberal think tank the Center for American Progress. Other groups are deploying organizers to New Hampshire, Arizona, Arkansas, Nevada, and North Dakota in hopes of shaming moderate senators of both parties who voted against the background-check plan. In New Hampshire, the national organizations are partnering with local groups that plan to follow Ayotte across the state.

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