Illinois Board Tries to Help Woman Who Has Been Arrested 396 Times


Shermain Miles of Chicago has been arrested 396 times since 1978. The Chicago Sun-Times says she is seeking parole release. Miles yesterday begged the Illinois Prisoner Review Board for a chance at freedom. Board Chairman Adam Monreal said he would ask a judge to see if she is eligible for a specialized mental health court that likely would require intense supervision, possibly in a community setting. Miles, 51, was released from prison in April 2011, after serving three years of a six-year term for robbery. When she allegedly chased after Alderman James Cappleman last summer, she was sent back to prison on a possible parole violation in the robbery case. She's remained in prison ever since. “We want to find a way for you to get the treatment [ ] to be successful,” board member Craig Findley told Miles.

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