TSA Halts Plan to Allow Pocket Knives on Airplanes After Criticism


The Transportation Security Administration abruptly halted its plan to allow pocket knives on board planes starting this Thursday, after a month and a half of criticism from lawmakers and flight attendants, Politico reports. The policy drew renewed scrutiny following last week's bombings in Boston. TSA Administrator John Pistole offered no specific reason for the delay. Pistole made the decision after meeting with his Aviation Security Advisory Committee. The delay will allow more input from the Advisory Committee's passenger advocates, police officials, and the broader aviation community, a TSA spokesperson said. All changes to the prohibited-items list – which also allowed some golf clubs, hockey knives, and replica bats on flights – will be put off for now. Pistole said the new policy was designed to allow TSA agents to spend more time searching for explosives that could bring down an aircraft. Last week's bombings at the Boston Marathon underscored that “the threat is real,” Pistole says.

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