Texas Judge Named to Replace Slain Prosecutor; “You Can’t Be Fearful”


Judge Erleigh Norville Wiley has been named Kaufman County district attorney by Texas Gov. Rick Perry, replacing a DA who was murdered along with his wife in their home, the Dallas Morning News reports. “You can't be fearful. You just have to be prayerful,” she said. “I think I can do this and not be scared.” The murders of District Attorney Mike McLelland, his wife, Cynthia, and one of his top prosecutors meant the judge, like other county officials, was already under 24-hour security and wore a bulletproof vest. Law enforcement authorities are still searching for solid evidence in the slayings. No arrests have been made and the cases have not yet been formally linked to the same suspect or suspects. Bruce Bryant, an investigator with the Kaufman County district attorney's office, said the atmosphere remains tense. “I don't think things will settle down until an arrest is made,” said Bryant, who said he even carries a gun outside to pick up the newspaper. “It's an open wound. It never heals.”

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