Coalition for Juvenile Justice Lauds “Steady Support” in Obama Budget


The Coalition for Juvenile Justice supports “steady support” in federal spending for juvenile justice proposed yesterday by President Obama for federal fiscal year 2014. Federal appropriations for youth justice have dropped in recent years, but the Obama budget proposal to Congress would at least continue most of them at the same level, with a few modest increases. The coalition cited proposals of $70 million for Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act formula grants to states, $56 million for the Title V Delinquency Prevention Program, $30 million for the Juvenile Accountability Block Grant program, $20 million in new incentive grants to help states implement evidence-based strategies that reduce youth incarceration and foster better outcomes for youth, 25 million in community-based violence prevention initiatives, half of which would support public health approaches to violence prevention; and $2 million for competitive grants that focus on girls in the juvenile justice system.

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