NYPD Smartphone App Allows Officers To Check Criminal Histories


The New York Police Department is developing a high-tech smartphone app that will give cops the lowdown on crime scenes before they even roll up to trouble, reports the New York Daily News. Deputy Chief Ruben Beltran said the app will give officers a tech-savvy tool that could save their lives. The app is being tested by 400 officers. With just a few taps on their department-issued smartphones, officers will be able to call up data on bad guys living in any building they're dispatched to. Ideally, the app will give officers information on outstanding warrants, gun charges, high-risk sex offenders, and previous domestic violence incidents at any given address. “They allow officers to do person lookups, vehicle lookups and criminal history,” said James Onalfo, deputy commissioner of information technology. “Very simply, we have a portal to a website that can be accessed by laptops, tablets and hand-helds.”

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