New County-Run Police Force Debuts In Crime-Ridden Camden NJ


The first batch of a new county-run force hit Camden, New Jersey’s streets, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer. More than a dozen police cars and SUVs sported the new logo “Camden County Police.” The county force will replace the city’s 141-year-old police department by April 30. Among the 118 officers sworn in yesterday were nearly 90 former Camden city officers. The new force is expected to grow to its full strength of 400 by the fall. The new officers were among 250 hired to fill the county-run force’s metro division, which will only patrol the city of Camden. As the new officers gathered in a drug-sales hot spot, Camden Mayor Dana Redd said, “We’re sending a loud and a strong message: Stop the nonsense; those days are coming to an end.” A dozen of the city’s record 67 homicides last year took place in that neighborhood. Redd announced the formation of a quality-of-life neighborhood task force to address issues such as abandoned vehicles and vacant buildings.

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