Texas Prosecutor Killings–Gang Retribution or Rogue Operation?


Expert opinions differ sharply over whether a prison gang like the Aryan Brotherhood is responsible for the deaths of prosecutors in Kaufman County, Tx. Officials say a four-year effort by a multi-agency task force to shatter the gang's power in Texas has been paying off with dozens of racketeering indictments. “That seems more like a rogue operation to me,” Richard Ely, a Houston-based defense attorney, told the Dallas Morning News about the prosecutor killings. “If you're going to kill a law enforcement officer, you know you're going to bring heat on you.”

A law enforcement official with knowledge of the Houston cases said that it would be shortsighted to believe that the Texas gang wouldn't embark on a vendetta against prosecutors. “Look at the charges. Look at who was arrested. They're all facing either the federal death penalty or life in the federal system. What more heat can be brought down upon them?” the anonymous official told the Morning News. “This was the equivalent of a nuclear bomb being dropped on them. It's shortsighted to say they wouldn't give those orders.”

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