Las Vegas Gun Stores Limit Ammo Buys to Ensure All Supplies Aren’t Taken


Gun enthusiasts across the nation are buying bullets practically by the bushel if they can get them in those quantities, and in Las Vegas some stores are limiting customers to one or two boxes per day, gun store owners tell the Las Vegas Review-Journal. They reacted to reports that the frenzy is driven by concern for new weapons controls in the aftermath of Newtown school massacre and by rumor mills about government hoarding of ammunition. One gun store who limits purchases said, “If we don't, somebody will buy it all and take it to the gun show.” He expressed concern about the possibility that gun and ammunition imports could be curtailed by the U.S. Department of Commerce, noting about half the guns and ammo in the U.S. is imported. The nation's 100 million firearms owners are driving the market for some 10 billion rounds annually, Lawrence Keane, whose National Shooting Sports Foundation is based in Newtown, told Associated Press. “There's a concern by firearms owners that this administration will pursue bans on products, bans on ammunition. [ ] It's not limited geographically to New York or anywhere else. It is nationwide,” he said.

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