Will Obama Contest NRA Riders on Gun Research, Firearms Tracing?


Each year, Congress tucks language into spending bills that restricts the ability of the federal government to regulate the firearms industry and combat gun crime, McClatchy Newspapers report. It's the reason the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can't research gun violence, the Federal Bureau of Investigation can't use data to detect firearms traffickers, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives can't require background checks on older guns. Advocates are urging President Obama to seek deletion of the language that has been pushed by the gun lobby in his spending plan to be released April 10. Last month, Congress made four of the provisions permanent when it approved a six-month funding bill to keep the government open. It was part of a deal struck last year between the Republican-run House of Representatives and Democratic-controlled Senate before the Newtown massacre. The National Rifle Association says the provisions correct oversteps in regulatory authority and that a slew of measures on other seemingly random issues also are tacked onto spending bills.

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