Will Anyone Get Dorner Award Because He Wasn’t Captured?


It’s not clear who, if anyone, will get a $1 million award for information leading to the arrest and conviction of former Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner, who apparently killed himself as law enforcers surrounded him, says the New York Times. Two claims have been made by people who encountered Dorner on his final day.

Several donors reneged on contributions they had pledged, declaring that the criteria for the reward had not been met because Dorner died befre he could be captured or put on trial. The dwindling reward looms not only as an embarrassment for Los Angeles officials but also as a threat to the effectiveness of a common tool in law enforcement: the promise of money. People expressed worries that if the reward were not paid simply because the suspect died during the pursuit, it could leave members of the public less likely to come forward when future rewards are offered. “I think this is going to prove a major embarrassment for all concerned,” said William Bratton, former Los Angeles police chief who also led police forces in Boston and New York.

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