Huffington Post’s “Breathtaking Display” Of 2,244 U.S. Gun Deaths Since Newtown


The Huffington Post has compiled and mapped news reports of gun-related homicides and accidental deaths in the U.S. since the Newtown school shooting, says For 98 days, a team of researchers scanned news reports from around the U.S. and added them to a spreadsheet to be sorted by date, city, and state. In the three months after Newtown, there have been 2,244 people killed by guns.

Poynter calls the interactive map, “Mapping the Dead, Gun Deaths Since Sandy Hook,” “a breathtaking display of where 2,244 people died in America. You can see the names of each one of the victims, and the map links every data point to a news story about the incident.” “To us, the most shocking thing is the magnitude of it,” Huffington Post Data Editor Andrei Scheinkman said. “You can see how many reported deaths there were and how it affects every corner of the country.” Given that the map features only deaths that the news media have reported on, there's no question that the map under-reports the number of people who died in the 98 days the team collected the data. Slate and the Twitter feed @GunDeaths is trying a different method. They are crowdsourcing gun deaths and have collected details of more than 3,000 gun deaths since the Newtown shooting.

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