Armed Citizen Project Offers Free Shotguns for Self-Defense in Arizona


An offer of free shotguns for people to protect themselves in Tucson’s most troubled neighborhoods has divided residents in a place still reeling from a 2011 shooting rampage that killed six people, left a congresswoman and others wounded, and made the city a symbol of gun violence, the Associated Press. The Armed Citizen Project is part of a national campaign to give shotguns to single women and homeowners in the nation’s crime-ridden neighborhoods, an effort that comes amid a national debate on gun control after mass shootings in Arizona, Colorado, and Connecticut. While towns in several states have debated ordinances recommending gun ownership, the gun giveaway effort appears to be the first of its kind. “If you are not willing to protect the citizens of Tucson, someone is going to do it, why not me? Why not have armed citizens protecting themselves,” said Shaun McClusky, a real estate agent who plans to start handing out shotguns by May. Arizona gun proponents have donated about $12,500 to fund the gun giveaway.

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