Buyers Stockpiling Ammunition; Why? “There is No Good Answer”


Across the U.S., bullets are flying off store shelves as people stockpile ammunition, reports the Kansas City Star. One caller asked a gun range owner if he had any 9 mm ammunition in stock. “I asked him how much did he want,” said the owner, “And he said, 'All of it.'” The big question: Why? “There is no good answer for this,” said Kevin Jamison, a spokesman for the Western Missouri Shooters Alliance. “Panic buying seems to account for some of the shortage, but I don't believe it can be all of it.” Some point to concerns that the government might limit ammo purchases after the Newtown massacre. Others blame the Department of Homeland Security, which has a big purchase in the works. The rush to buy isn't rational, said Larry Swickard, a member of the Western Missouri alliance. “But it seems to be having a ripple effect in that when people see a significant number of people buying up all the ammo they can find, they follow suit for fear of being left out with none for themselves,” Swickard said.

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