Cuomo, NY Legislators Hope to Modify New Law on Ammunition Magazines


After weeks of criticism from gun owners, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he would seek to ease a newly-enact restriction on ammunition magazines that he said had proved unworkable even before it was scheduled to take effect on April 15, the New York Times reports. New York legislators voted in January to ban the sale of magazines that hold more than seven rounds of ammunition. Seven-round magazines are not widely manufactured. Although the new law provided an exemption for the use of 10-round magazines at firing ranges and competitions, it did not provide a legal way for gun owners to purchase such magazines. As a result, Cuomo and legislative leaders are negotiating language that would continue to allow the sale of magazines holding up to 10 rounds, but still forbid New Yorkers from loading more than 7 rounds into them. Even after allowing the sale of 10-round magazines, New York's law would still be among the strongest in the country. Only three other states – California, Hawaii and Massachusetts – and the District of Columbia have a 10-round magazine limit, says the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

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